Project kickoff meeting

ASLA hosted project leads, Steven Spears and Philip Koske of Design Workshop (DW), and their key consultants from Ohm Van Sweden, Vika Capital, Walter Moore, and Agnew at ASLA headquarters for a kickoff meeting for the Chinatown Green Streets Project.

Kickoff Meeting

Meeting participants reviewing materials. Image: ASLA

Gathered together amongst maps and images, ASLA staff and design team members discussed the vision, thesis, and proposed success factors for the project. The ideas gathered together from previous documents and writings about the project allowed DW to succinctly capture ASLA’s intention for the project and very few comments were necessary to improve upon what was proposed.

Next, Design Workshop outlined a few foreseen risks for the project, such as stakeholder complexity and maintenance. This got the crowd talking and an in-depth conversation was had. The team added a few more possible issues and the red pens of Steven and Philip were flying as they took notes.

The meeting moved on to project metrics. The initial proposed goals were all in line with ASLA’s expectations for the project and are currently being revised by the project team. A brief mind mapping session followed and allowed everyone to share their fears and expectations for the project. The flipchart quickly filled up with words ranging from “colorful” to “biohabitat”. It was good to hear each person’s ideas for the project and get them all onto one piece of paper. This activity was enlightening and exciting and the entire business meeting was a great start to an important project.

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