Important Investigations

Draft examples of discovery infographics. Images: Design Workshop.

Draft examples of discovery infographics. Images: Design Workshop.

For the past few months the design team has been working hard on the discovery phase of the project. This phase is to investigate, inventory, and analyze relevant systems that will directly influence the planning process and outcome. Also, possibly the most important phase of the design process. How can a project meet its goals or create a baseline if there is no understanding of the current and existing conditions?

To the client, this is the behind the scenes work. We aren’t involved in the hard work that goes into analysis and inventory, but are amazed when the results are presented. In this case, these results are in the shape of infographics that tell us so much about the neighborhood in which we spend so much time.

This information will provide the foundation to create feasible concepts, and will grow into designs during future community and stakeholder meetings.

Exploring Chinatown

DW Site Images Chinatown

Photos of Chinatown from site tour. Images: Design Workshop

The Design Workshop team spent last weekend exploring the streets of the Chinatown neighborhood collecting inventory of the existing patterns of movement, infrastructure conditions, and utilization of the study area. The team was out in full force with clip boards, temperature gauges, tape measures, and light meters! Here is a list of some of the data they collected:

  • Vegetation and tree conditions
  • Pavement conditions
  • Drainage patterns
  • Sidewalk use and pedestrian circulation
  • Bicycle and vehicular circulation
  • Parking and loading use
  • Social nodes
  • Light meter foot-candle readings
  • Places of art and cultural expression

This week the team returned to the studio to analyze the data and will report back to ASLA with maps and diagrams to paint a picture of the site conditions. Stay Tuned!

DW Site Images surrounding area

Photos of project area. Images: Design Workshop